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Anna 220


Anna 220

Anna 220 - Charcoal - Square.jpg
Anna 140 and 220.JPG
Colour swatches - square.jpg
Anna 220 - Charcoal - Square.jpg
Anna 140 and 220.JPG
Colour swatches - square.jpg

Anna 220


The Anna 220 is the larger of the two baskets in the Anna series (the Anna 140 is the smaller of the two baskets and is available through a separate listing).  Anna 220 measures approximately 15" across the base and stands approximately 11" tall.  The size of this basket allows it to be used for the storage of bath towels, stuffed animals, large knitting projects and so much more.  The Anna 220 is shown next to the Anna 140 in one of the listing photos.

This piece is made with a cotton/poly rope, which is coiled into a basket held together by thread.  The piece is shaped by hand as it is sewn.  The basket can be spot cleaned and hand washed in cool to luke-warm soapy water, and left to air dry.  

The Anna 220 is shown here in charcoal, but can be customized to the color of your choice.  The color options as shown by the color swatch photo are as follows, starting with green and moving in a clockwise direction:

Navy blue
Royal blue
Rusty red
Light gray
Natural (middle)

The above are stock colors, but with access to over 500 colors, please ask if you don't see what you are looking for.

As is true of so many things that are hand made, there is no such thing as two identical pieces.  Although the measurements of your piece will be very close to those stated above, colors will vary slightly between pieces, as will natural variations in the rope itself.  This is all part of what make handmade items unique and charming.

If you are local to the Lower Mainland, please ask us about a "free shipping" coupon available for orders that can be picked up from the studio.

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