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Our Products

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Inspired by Function and Simplicity


Every Coastal Craftwork product is constructed by hand, with attention to detail.  We are inspired by simplicity, function, and aesthetics, which results in pieces that are pleasing to look at, while also being entirely useful.

When a piece is simply designed, individual nuances can be played with and result in pieces with a different feel, a different look, a different energy.  Sharp edges versus curved, a pop of color, a different finish - we love how these small changes make each piece feel so different.  No piece is ever exactly the same, and we wouldn't want it any other way.



We believe in making useful things.  Nice to look at, yes, but it is the combination of function and art that we love best of all.  Replace your plastic bag with a beautiful rope bag - yes please!  Give you pleasure in storing your items in plain site? This makes us very very happy...



Clean lines, simple colors (or no color at all), simple shapes - this is how most of our designs can be described.  We love to see the beauty in the simple things.  When you pare your designs down to their simplest forms, every detail is visible, including every flaw.  Sometimes it is the flaws that create the beauty.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At Coastal Craftwork we strive to create pieces that are pleasing to our eyes, and we can only hope that you will be drawn to them too.  We want to design pieces that you will love the look of, and the bonus will be that you will find so very many uses for them.